Premier Play Announcement

17th Feb 2023

Two European Callings, Six Battle Hardeneds, and an overview of what to expect for the rest of 2023. Let’s dive into our Premier Organized Play announcement.

Fresh off the release of Outsiders, Battle Hardened Richmond will play host to misfits and mercenaries as players delve down to the Pits to battle for their final chance to qualify for Pro Tour #3. Battle Hardened Richmond offers a prelude to what we might expect to see in Baltimore, so bring your best and leave it all on the line.

All roads lead to The Greatest City in America, or so the residents say. The third Pro Tour arrives in Baltimore, April 27th-30th, 2023 and will feature top players from around the world going head to head in a mix of Classic Constructed and Outsiders Booster Draft formats. If you haven’t punched your ticket to the Pro Tour, a complete schedule of tournaments, headlined by a $30,000 Calling, a Battle Hardened, a Welcome to Rathe Alpha Draft, and so so much more, will be waiting for you. Make sure you grab your event package today!

May 19th-21st, 2023 marks the date for the heavily anticipated return of the Calling series to Europe with Calling Antwerp! Bring your best Classic Constructed deck and tackle the field in the first professional event after Pro Tour Baltimore!

Next up, the Battle Hardened series rolls through, with stops in Pittsburgh and Metropole Ruhr, leading us to the next European Calling.

Birmingham Calling! Join us July 28th-30th, 2023 as we open the doors to our first Calling on United Kingdom turf!

In August, Salt Lake City enters the fray with our first Battle Hardened in the beehive state. Head over mountains and into one of your last competitive events before the National Championship Season.

Pro Tour Supporting Art - UZ

Asia Pacific

Noticeably absent from today’s article is news surrounding Asia Pacific. While we’re in the midst of finalizing our 2023 schedule of premier events in the Asia Pacific region, we’d like to shed light on what to expect. The Asia Pacific schedule will shine bright with two Calling events in East/South-East Asia and one Calling event in Australia. We look forward to announcing these events, as well as a number of Battle Hardened events in the region, by March 31, 2023.


We see you, we hear you, and we’ve taken notice. Across the 100+ GEM registered stores, the hundreds of players that are turning to thousands, and the countless games that are played day in and day out, what the Brazilian community has accomplished in less than six short months since becoming an officially supported market, is nothing short of incredible. But we also recognize that you’ve only had a taste of our organized play programs.

2023 will crown the first ever Flesh and Blood Brazilian National Champion, but the fun doesn’t stop there. We’re excited to share that we are in the early stages of planning for our first ever Battle Hardened event, to take place in the second half of 2023. The National Championship and Battle Hardened are just the beginning of what’s to come in Brazil.

North America

Our 2023 Calling series kicked off with a bang in the United States earlier this month, with Calling Indianapolis boasting a 491 player tournament. Pro Tour #3 looms not so far in the distance, with this marquee weekend in Baltimore heralding our first ever $30,000 Calling!

As you will have noticed in our event announcements today, no additional North American Callings have been mentioned. Carrying us from Baltimore, through our Road to Nationals season, and into the start of summer are a selection of Battle Hardened events. At the other end of summer, temperatures might be dipping but we’ll be turning up the heat with our National Championship season, and the United States will once again play host to its next Calling there. But that’s not all, yet another Calling will grace the USA soil in the final months of 2023. Look for these events to be announced as part of our news articles surrounding the 2023 National Championships in the coming weeks.


The wait is over! Not one… Not two… But three Callings are coming to Europe in 2023! Wait, what? In addition to Antwerp and Birmingham, we have one last bit of news to share….

The 2023 Flesh and Blood World Championship is coming to Europe, featuring a $300,000 prize purse, alongside a Calling offering the first $30,000 prize purse to be awarded in Europe. So where and when will it be? The World Championship will take place in Q4 2023, but we can’t share where just yet. Join us at the Pro Tour #3 Player Reception in Baltimore where we will reveal the date and location of the 2023 World Championship, live, Thursday April 27th, 2023.

World Championship Logo (Website Use)


Above you saw a collection of event tiles, which will link you to a number of Calling and Battle Hardened events for these next few months. While we’ve highlighted some of the Calling events you can expect to see, we’re additionally working to confirm the remaining Battle Hardened events with our tournament organizers around the world. There are plenty more events to be announced over the coming weeks. It is in our view that by the time the location/date of the World Championship is revealed, the entirety of the 2023 Premier Schedule will have been publicized in its full and complete form.

Whether it’s an event in your hometown, in your country, or in a city in a faraway place, we hope you’ll join us, through our common language, in the flesh and blood, in 2023!

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