Pack 1, Pick 1 - Tales of Aria Week 3

13th Oct 2021 Legend Story Studios

Welcome friends, to week three of Tales of Aria Pack 1, Pick 1! With both The Calling Dallas on October 15 and Cincinnati on October 22 announced as Tales of Aria Sealed and Draft, why not drop another episode of Pack 1, Pick 1 for you to dissect and deliberate over!

Take a seat, kick back, unwind and get ready to draft as our Devs (...and Bewley) take a deep dive into a pack of Tales of Aria 1st Edition, trying to answer all the age-old questions: What do I first pick? Do I keep myself open or lock myself in early and go after all the powerful class cards? What kind of signals am I sending and picking up on?

If you’ve never done a draft before, feel free to take a moment and check out the basics here:

Take a look at the pack we’ve opened and see what you would take before watching. Let us know who you think chose correctly in the comments!

Invigorate (2)
Icy Encounter (1)
Break Ground (1)
Ball Lightning (3)
Weave Lightning (1)
Blizzard Bolt (1)
Blizzard Bolt (3)
Biting Gale (3)
Mulch (1)
Snow Under (2)
Deep Blue
Inspire Lightning (1)
Arcanic Shockwave (1)
Inspire Lightning (2)
Over Flex (2)

Check back next week for another Pack 1, Pick 1 and good luck if you're drafting in person, whether to prepare for The Calling, Skirmish Season 3, improve your limited format skills or just to experience the joy that is Tales of Aria draft format!

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