Monarch Unlimited Packaging Issue

8th Jun 2021 Legend Story Studios

We have become aware of a booster display packaging issue affecting some product manufactured late in the production of Monarch Unlimited produced by Cartamundi Belgium.

It appears that some product in these later batches of Monarch Unlimited has been mistakenly packaged in Monarch First Edition display packaging. To be clear, the booster packs (and cards inside the packs), are Monarch Unlimited. The cases are also clearly marked as being Monarch Unlimited.

In summary, for the affected batch:

  • All cases are labeled Monarch Unlimited
  • Some display packaging is Monarch First Edition
  • All booster packs have Monarch Unlimited flow-wrap with the RED Unlimited flag (regardless of the display packaging)
  • All cards inside the booster packs are Monarch Unlimited

Fortunately it appears to be possible to distinguish this incorrectly manufactured product from genuine Monarch First Edition. An authenticity check can be done by pressing down on the perforated pop-up flap on the booster display. If the product is affected by this error, then you will be able to see the edge of the RED "Unlimited flag" on the booster wrapper through the shrink wrap of the booster display. Genuine Monarch First Edition product does not have the RED Unlimited flag on booster wrappers.

As always, we recommend that you purchase individual First Edition displays only from reputable sources.

Currently we know that mispackaged Monarch Unlimited product has been released in Australia, and is being held by our distributor in Europe (this will impact the Monarch Unlimited release in some parts of Europe and the UK. We are working as fast as possible to minimize any delay.) There is a possibility that mispackaged Monarch Unlimited exists in other parts of the world. We are investigating this matter along with Cartamundi with the highest urgency. As soon as we have further information, we will post an update on