Going Global

6th Jul 2021 Legend Story Studios

Flesh and Blood has become a truly global game, with local game stores in over 30 countries around the world stocking and supporting FAB! To be able to support the rapidly growing demand across the world, we are proud to announce that Flesh and Blood is now manufactured in 3 different countries; Belgium, Japan, and the United States of America!

Product from our Japanese factory hits stores across the world mid-July with restocks of Welcome to Rathe Unlimited and followed soon thereafter with Crucible of War Unlimited on July 30.

The first of our made in the USA product is Tales of Aria First Edition, releasing September 24.

Each factory has slightly different techniques for how they do things, such as the way booster wrappers are sealed, the kind of cardboard stock cartons are made out of, and even the brightness and saturation of the inks used. Regardless of these small interesting differences, we are confident that the cards contained in booster packs from all of our manufacturing partners look incredible and are amongst the highest quality standard available anywhere in the world.