The First Arknight

17th Mar 2020 James White

From decorated warrior of Volcor, to washed up carcass on the shores of the Demonastery. Lord Sutcliffe had at last found a vassal with enough strength to bear the agonizing procedure he sought to prove possible. Opening the chest cavity, he replaced viscera with an Arknight Shard, carved channels in bone to feed the arcane energy into runic vents etched into skin, and the first Arknight was born!

Sword and Sorcery

Viserai is the first hero who brings proficiency in both melee and magic to the battlefield. Being able to attack from dual angles, he preys on whatever vulnerabilities the enemy has.

The hybrid nature of the Runeblade class is shown through game design that infuses synergy and payoff between magical 'non-attack' action cards and melee attack action cards and weapons.

Viserai, Rune Blood

Viserai conjures his arcane power through runic vents carved into his skin, that manifest arcane energy emitted from the Arknight Shard into Runechant auras. He is able to amass an army of Runechant auras, that at the will of his blade, rush to consume the world around him and all that stand in its wake.

Rune Flash (1)
Rune Flash (2)
Rune Flash (3)

Viserai creates a very different ebb and flow of game play compared to the other heroes of Flesh and Blood. Because this hero benefits from developing a board position of Runechant auras, it's sometimes in your best interest to not attack, and instead develop or preserve the Runechants you control, building up to a power play that engulfs the opponent in a torrent of sword and sorcery.

Cards that allow Viserai to interact with the game state without attacking, and which also turn on his hero ability, are of high value to this hero.

Enchanting Melody (1)
Chains of Eminence

Tip - generic 'non-attack' action cards turn on Viserai's hero ability. Particularly in sealed deck and draft, generic 'non-attack' action cards with go again are vital for his game plan. Lead with your generics, then play your Runeblade cards to create your army of Runechant auras.

Tip - Viserai's hero ability is not once per turn!

Lead the Charge (3)
Drawn to the Dark Dimension (1)
Amplify the Arknight (1)

Viserai has many expensive attacks that can cost as little as 0 when he is powered up with Runechants. Perhaps new homes will be found for some favorite and some overlooked cards from Welcome to Rathe...

Pummel (1)
Sloggism (3)

Be sure to follow the last few days of spoiler season, as we reveal more ways to create Runechants and the full power you'll wield when you Become the Arknight!