Experience the Uprising!

2nd Jun 2022

Plunge into the fires of a civil war with Uprising! Our brand new booster set releases worldwide later this month, debuting a new Talent, a new rarity, two new heroes, and one familiar face. Will you take up the mantle of Illusionist with Dromai, enter the heat of battle as the Ninja Fai, or freeze out the competition with the Wizard Iyslander? Uprising is designed to support exceptional booster draft, sealed deck, and constructed play, alongside new preconstructed Blitz decks for those who want to jump into action on release day.

Preview Season

Preview season begins this weekend on June 4th, with creators around the world joining us to reveal cards from the upcoming set. We'll be keeping you in the loop with all the latest updates, so keep checking back for more information on our preview partners for the season, and where to find the day's previews. The Uprising card gallery will unlock June 4th, with daily updates to show which cards from the set have been revealed. This preview season is set to be bigger and better than ever, and we're excited to share more details in the days to come!

Uprising Preview Links

World Premiere Events

However, not every card in the set will be revealed over the course of the preview season - some things are better left as a surprise! If you want to be among the first players in the world to crack some packs and discover the lingering secrets of Uprising, there are three World Premiere events happening simultaneously across Las Vegas, Madrid, and Sydney from June 10th-12th. Secure your tickets now and join the Uprising on Friday night, then enter the Team Blitz Calling on Saturday for your shot at some incredible prizes. If that event doesn't call to you, there'll also be side events at all three locations, including a Battle Hardened on Sunday! Check out our event pages below for more details.

Event Pages

Pre-release Events

If you can't make it to one of our World Premieres, have no fear! Uprising pre-release events are coming to a local game store near you. We've partnered with stores around the world to host these events for their local communities, giving you the chance to test out the latest set before it releases on June 24th. The pre-release weekend runs from June 17th-19th, with events across Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Find your nearest event using the link below, and sign up to secure your spot!

Find Your Nearest Event