European Language Black Label Distributors

20th Jun 2022

History Pack 1 is launching in four new European languages on 1 July in Europe! We're very excited about our first foray into new languages, and we hope that you're going to enjoy the product as much as we're looking forward to bringing it to you. We've worked hard on designing a very special product for player and collectors alike, and to that end there are some very special cards hidden within the vaults that we're sure will make this a very exciting release. For those stores that are wanting to get your hands on Flesh and Blood in your local language for the first time, we are happy to introduce to you some new distribution partners that we will be working with to bring this product to market.

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A small quantity of French language product will also be landing in Canada, courtesy of our partners Prince Distribution as well, and we're looking forward to welcoming some new stores from Quebec into the Flesh and Blood community in the very near future too! A full list of our distributors is available here;

History Pack 1 Black Label Distributors

ADC Blackfire

ADC Blackfire Entertainment GmbH
Phone: +49 2102 30592 0
Fax: +49 2102 3059 299

Prince Distribution

Prince Distribution
Toll Free: 1-888-492-1280

Asmode Italy

Asmodee Italy
Viale della Resistenza, 58
42018 San Martino in Rio (RE) • ITALIA
P.I. 02200000350
Telefono: 0522 637570

Asmodee Spain

Asmodee Spain

Asmodee France

Asmodee France / Novalis Games