Damaged Card Replacement

3rd Sep 2020 Legend Story Studios

Over the past few days following the release of Crucible of War, we have become aware of some issues with cards coming out of packs damaged. This upsets us, just as we know it upsets fans who this affects.

We work with Cartamundi to print Flesh and Blood because they are renowned as the best there is. It has always been the goal of Legend Story Studios and Cartamundi, to produce beautiful cards that fans are proud to include in their decks and collections.

It appears something went wrong with a small portion of the rainbow foil cards in the Crucible of War print run, resulting in a level of out of the pack card damage above acceptable norms.

Legend Story Studios is an indie studio founded by, and made up of passionate players and collectors of TCG’s, just like you! We know that putting this right matters. Thank you for your patience while we worked out how we can best solve this.

We are putting in place a damaged card replacement process to address this, and reassure fans that when manufacturing damage does occasionally occur, there is a remedy available.

We want this process to be as simple and fast as possible for fans. Your understanding that it will take some time for replacement cards to be printed is appreciated. We will be working hard to have all Crucible of War card replacements in transit back to fans by November 13.

Please note:

  • We are not able to replace common cards, including rainbow foil commons.
  • Damaged card replacement will be available for a period of 180 days following the release date of a product.

The Process

  1. Email info@fabtcg.com with a photo(s) of the cards you believe are damaged out of the pack, together with a list of card names, and the postal address to send replacement cards to.
  2. We will email you to confirm which cards we will replace and confirm your postal address.
  3. Print the email thread and enclose it with the damaged cards to be replaced. If sending by standard post, send to:

    Legend Story Studios
    PO Box 99428
    Newmarket, Auckland 1149
    New Zealand

    If sending by courier (UPS, FedEx etc), send to:

    Legend Story Studios
    Level 1, 2 Owens Road
    Epsom, Auckland 1023
    New Zealand

    Ph: +64 9 623 1040

  4. We will send you the replacement cards together with a gift to make up for your cost of postage.