Crucible of War Delays

13th Nov 2020 Legend Story Studios

Thank you to all the retailers and fans across the world who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Crucible of War.

We are unfortunately experiencing delays that have affected the delivery of Crucible of War, primarily to European and APAC markets. The new "In Store By" dates for Crucible of War are as follows:

  • Canada - November 27
  • Europe - December 11
  • APAC - December 18

USA will receive Crucible of War over two batches, with the target "In Store By" date of the first batch remaining unchanged at November 20 (although tropical storm Eta may cause further delays in some parts of the US). The second batch is targeted to be in stores by December 18.

Retailers in all territories are able to begin selling Crucible of War (and Welcome to Rathe Unlimited and Arcane Rising Unlimited) as soon as they receive product, even if that is before the "In Store By" dates published.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

For more details about all upcoming product waves and buy-a-box promos by territory, please see the article below: