Content Creator Appreciation Kits

14th Aug 2021 Legend Story Studios

There are many people across the world, each contributing in their own way to make Flesh and Blood a vibrant and positive international community. We are grateful for the efforts of the many individuals who together are helping us achieve our mission: To bring people together in the Flesh and Blood through the common language of playing great games.

Just as we support local game stores around the world who provide fans with a welcoming place to play great games, today we are proud to announce an initiative to recognize the contribution of content creators, who bring the FAB community together when we're not hanging out at our local game store.

From time to time we will be sending out Content Creator Appreciation Kits to folk who are creating regular content that brings the Flesh and Blood community together. Content Creator Appreciation Kits will include a range of promotional items that recipients are encouraged to use to promote their content, channels, and monetization models, such as Patreon. To be clear, Legend Story Studios supports content creators to use the promotional items to generate revenue, to support the growth of their channel and the quality of content for their audience. Content creators are also welcome to keep some of the promotional items for their personal enjoyment!

If you are a content creator who is working hard to spread good energy and the community spirit, and you don't receive a season 1 Content Creator Appreciation Kit, reach out to us by registering yourself as a content creator by logging into your account on and filling in the application form here so we can follow your work for consideration for future seasons.