Community Watch -

24th Apr 2020 Alan Hale

Communities need resources to flourish, and has a host of useful resources for FAB players around the world. Kirk Bushell, who owns and develops FABDB, has been working hard to bring new features to the site. FABDB supports players at no cost with a range of features; from building a deck, to getting a decklist ready to print for an event.

The FABDB searchable database

  • Collection Manager that tracks your 'haves' and your 'needs', as well as standard, foil and promo versions of cards.
  • A fully searchable card database covering all sets, with the ability to leave comments on your favourite cards.
  • Booster Pack Generator. Crack virtual packs of WTR or ARC for fun!
  • Articles and the latest news from the world of FAB
  • Article submission feature if you want your musings to appear on the website

However, possibly FABDB's greatest feature is its deck builder. The Classic deck builder is available to all users at no charge, while the Premium deck builder is available to Patreon supporters.

Classic Deck Builder features:

  • Build and save as many decks as you like
  • Access to deck metrics and check your decks stats.
  • Ability to export your deck in PDF, text and TTS formats. Fantastic for submitting your deck for a tournament or creating a deck for Tabletop Simulator


Premium Deck Builder features:

  • All Classic deck builder features
  • New Visual building interface, see all the cards when building
  • Filter your deck by card type
  • New sideboard feature to move cards in and out of your deck
  • Deck Testing allows you to draw through your deck and simulate sample hands
  • Exclusive card backs for Tabletop Simulator use

You can see the premium deck builder in action here.



Kirk has put a lot of effort into making FABDB a great tool for FAB players. Check out the site at