Commoner Format Update

30th Mar 2023 Legend Story Studios

After some internal discussion, we’ve decided to revisit the commoner format and make a small modification to deck restrictions. The goal of this change is to improve the deck-building and gameplay experience in commoner, which is widely enjoyed as a casual and accessible format.

DRG GEN Critical Strike (Phu Thieu).

Effective from today, March 30th, commoner decks now have the following rules:

  • 1 Young hero that can only be token, common, or rare.
  • Up to 11 equipment and/or weapons that can only be token, common, or rare.
  • 40 cards in your main deck that can only be token or common.

This change expands the use of rare cards for equipment and weapons, which will slightly increase the potential in deck-building, while also allowing existing commoner decks to continue to be legal in the format.

Moving forward we will continue to monitor our casual formats to ensure they continue to be fun, engaging, and easy to pick up. As new cards are introduced to the commoner pool there is always the possibility we will consider expanding the format even further.

We hope you will continue to enjoy battling it out with friends on common ground!