Rarity & Collectibility

24th Sep 2019 Legend Story Studios

Flesh and Blood strives to honor the timeless tradition of collecting worthy specimens of human craftsmanship. In addition to making objects of beautiful desire, we also consider scarcity to be a key element to creating a true and meaningful collectible. When designing Flesh and Blood, we spent considerable time developing our product and scarcity model in order to create a contemporary classic collectible.


Flesh and Blood booster pack configuration is:

  • 1 Token (T)
  • 11 Commons (C)
  • 1 Rare (R)
  • 1 Rare / Super Rare (S) / Majestic (M)
  • 1 Equipment
  • 1 Premium foil

You can identify the rarity of a card by looking at the card code printed on the bottom of the card. Every card has a unique card code based on their product set, their position in the set, and the rarity.

Here is an example using the card Rhinar, Reckless Rampage:

WTR001-T Wisnu Tan (c) 2019 Legend Story Studios
[Welcome to Rathe][Card # 001]-[Token Rarity] (c) [2019] Legend Story Studios

Let's look at each rarity type in depth, as found in Welcome to Rathe:

Tokens (T)

Token frequency is 1 per booster. There are 15 different token slot cards:

  • 4 Hero cards
  • 4 young Hero cards
  • 4 weapon cards
  • 2 tokens created by card effects
  • 1 Cracked Bauble

Commons (C)

Common frequency is 11 per booster and are spread across the classes as follows:

  • 18 Brute commons
  • 18 Guardian commons
  • 18 Ninja commons
  • 18 Warrior commons
  • 48 Generic commons

Rares (R)

Rare frequency is 1.75 per booster and are spread across the classes as follows:

  • 9 Brute rares
  • 9 Guardian rares
  • 9 Ninja rares
  • 9 Warrior rares
  • 12 Generic rares

Super Rares (S)

Super rare frequency is 1 per 6 boosters and are spread across the classes as follows:

  • 3 Brute super rares
  • 3 Guardian super rares
  • 3 Ninja super rares
  • 3 Warrior super rares
  • 3 Generic super rares

Majestic (M)

Majestic frequency is 1 per 12 boosters and is spread across the classes as follows:

  • 2 Brute majestics
  • 2 Guardian majestics
  • 2 Ninja majestics
  • 2 Warrior majestics
  • 2 Generic majestics


Equipment frequency is 1 per booster and is spread across the classes as follows:

  • 1 Brute equipment
  • 1 Guardian equipment
  • 1 Ninja equipment
  • 1 Warrior equipment
  • 8 Generic equipment

Premium Foil

Every non-token card can be found as a premium foil in the following frequency:

  • Rainbow foil 23 in 24 boosters. Cards available in rainbow foil include Commons, Rares, Super Rares, and Majestics.
  • Cold foil 1 in 24 boosters. Only equipment cards are available in cold foil.

Legendary (L)

In addition to the regular equipment cards, there are 5 legendary equipment in Welcome to Rathe that only appear in the premium foil slot as cold foil cards. Legendary's have a frequency of 1 per 96 boosters and are spread across the classes as follows:

  • 1 Brute legendary
  • 1 Guardian legendary
  • 1 Ninja legendary
  • 1 Warrior legendary
  • 1 Generic legendary

Equipment are one of the unique features of Flesh and Blood. It's super sweet getting to equip your hero with badass armor in preparation to battle!

Equipment begin the game in play (not shuffled into your deck) and your hero can only wear 1 of each equipment type (head, chest, arms, legs) at a time. Although legendary equipment are hard to find, players should typically only want 1 of a legendary equipment for the classes they play, making it a challenging but not unreasonable pursuit to obtain.

Reprint Philosophy

We believe the secondary card market is the “Trading” in Trading Card Game. Our goal is to make FAB an all-time classic Trading Card Game, which is why we respect the secondary card market in all our decision making.

We want single card resellers who invest in FAB inventory, to prosper from their investment and the service they provide to the FAB community. We want players who invest in building their collections, to be proud to own something of value.

FAB has been designed from the ground up to be a tournament TCG with a non-rotating card pool. Our product and format design will provide fans with long term utility of their collections, enable a dynamic tournament meta-game, and create a vibrant secondary card market.

As the number of FAB players grows around the world, it will be necessary to reprint cards to support new player accessibility to tournament play. When deciding to reprint a card, careful consideration will be made to the effect the reprint will have on the secondary card market, and the amount of new demand that exists since the cards last printing.