Card Legality Update

10th Feb 2020

2020 will see Flesh and Blood launch in multiple new territories across the world and rapidly expand in existing markets. As we welcome new fans to the game, we want them to have the opportunity to play with and enjoy the original heroes of Flesh and Blood, just as early adopters have.

This would not be possible with our original plan for heroes to attain Living Legend status by making the top 8 at the World Championship, and therefore no longer be legal for Classic Constructed.

As such, we are changing how Living Legend status is attained. Upon the release date of each booster set, all heroes who have accumulated 10 or more entries on the Roll of Honor, will attain Living Legend status. A hero attains a Roll of Honor entry when that hero wins a professional level tournament. (Professional level tournaments include The Calling, National Champs, and the World Championship.)

You can see Roll of Honor entries, with an overview of each accomplishment, on the Legend page of each hero.

Roll of Honor

Roll of Honor as of February 10, 2020
Hero Roll of Honor Entries
Bravo 3
Dorinthea 0
Katsu 1
Rhinar 1