The Calling: Utrecht - Update

18th Nov 2021

A few days ago the Dutch government announced a significant increase in restrictions on events following a spike in Covid cases. We have been working hard to determine whether an event such as the Calling would still qualify to proceed based on our seating arrangements and ability to track players based on GEM records, but following extensive consultations with tournamentcenter and the event venue it has become clear that the event cannot proceed as scheduled in early December with the restrictions that have been brought in.

UPDATE: The venue has now indicated to us that a date in January 2022 is likely to be available for the event, and are working quickly to finalise an agreement here. We hope that for the majority of the community who have booked tickets that an alternative date will work, but for those of you who purchased a ticket and will not be able to attend, there is an option to receive a refund on your event ticket. Obviously there remains a risk associated with any potential new date that the Dutch government may choose to extend the existing restrictions. While acknowledging this possibility, we want to make every effort to ensure that we provide players with the same opportunity to take part in high level organised play that other parts of the world have had!

We're also sorry that this announcement has come out in two parts. Some of the correspondence coming through to tournamentcenter was proving hard to match with people's order details, so we've now set up a Google form for people to submit any refund requests. See below for details.

Next steps

Everyone who bought a ticket to the Calling: Utrecht will be receiving an email from tournamentcenter shortly, advising them of this update and their options regarding tickets.

Your ticket will remain valid for the new date if we are able to secure the expected booking.

Gaze the Ages

Ticket Refunds

Given the circumstances, if you have purchased a ticket to the Calling: Utrecht, you are eligible for a refund.

If you wish to receive a refund, please fill out this form:

tournamentcenter will process refunds based on the information provided in this form. If you have emailed in asking for a refund, please still fill in the form, as we will only process refund requests that come via our form.

Refunds requested will be processed starting from Monday the 22nd of November. You will be refunded on the same card/account that you have purchased the ticket with (for example if you've used your VISA card, you will receive the refund on your VISA card). It may take a few days before the funds are available on your account. If you have not received your funds by the end of November, please contact tournamentcenter via email.

If you have any questions, please contact

  • Please note that winners of 'Golden Tickets' are not eligible for a cash refund, but their tickets will remain valid for the rescheduled event or future Calling event.

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