The Calling: Dallas Fort-Worth - Day 1 Snap Shot

17th Oct 2021 Chris Bewley

Young Briar Hero Art

Hundreds of players travelled across the city, state, country and even the world to attend the first Tales of Aria sealed and draft format Calling in Dallas Fort-Worth, USA today. 502 players were registered for this limited format event and the hall was bustling all day long with the excitement of catching up with friends both new and old, trading cards and of course, playing in The Calling.

rogers and tyler.jfif

Rounds 1-7 were sealed deck format. The 502 players sat down with their six packs of First edition Tales of Aria, built their deck from the pool of cards, decided if they would play as Briar, Lexi or Oldhim and played seven 30 minute, best of one game rounds. Round 8 saw the field be narrowed down to the top 64 players. They then sat in pods of 8 people and drafted Tales of Aria to build 30 card (minimum) decks.

Once the drafting was done, the players played rounds 8, 9 and 10 with these decks before going back to the event hall bright and early in the morning for Day 2 where they will draft again and play the final three swiss rounds with that deck. Then it's one final draft for the Top 8 players before they play the elimination rounds, a Gold Cold Foil Fyendal's Spring Tunic is given, a champion is crowned and a trophy is raised!

We saw a reprise of the brilliant casting team from the recent Calling Las Vegas of Tannon Grace, Red Zone Rogue and DM Armada who effortlessly informed and entertained the audience in between lasagna and Ball Lightnings.


The vendors were out in force too, ensuring all players and fans in attendance haad a chance to pick up and cards or last minute accessories. Yeti Gaming, Stomping Ground, My 4 Sons, MinMax Games, Magnolia Gaming, Game Grid Live and ChannelFireball all made appearances, being the merchant heroes for the weekend.

With the Classic Constructed ProQuest tomorrow, many eyes will be on the event to catch a glimpse of what the new metagame could look like. Sunday will also see a range of side events and of course, the main event which will start off with another draft followed by three games and finally the Top 8!

Stay glued to the coverage from Channel Fireball at and don't miss a second of the Tales of Aria limited format action at The Calling: Dallas Fort-Worth!

Day 1 Match Coverage Notes

Round 1

Match 1: Tyler Horspool (Briar) v Christina Whitt (Lexi)

Tyler, Ball Lightning to start then Arcanic Shockwave, Tyler connects for 5 first combat chain

A blue Frazzle from Christina and Tyler drops to 16.

Tyler with a red Flash from arsenal and a fused Stir the Wildwood red with go again. She defends and falls to ten. Tyler with a Rosetta Thorn to follow up. Christina to 8.

Christina strikes back with an attack of her own and Tyler takes the damage.

Tyler comes in with Earthlore Surge yellow into Entwine Lightning red. Christina defends for 3 into Tylers 8. 13 plays 8.

Christina draws up and Tyler attacks again.

A Lightning Press fused into Rites of Lightning attacks Christina’s 2 life. Inspire Lightning comes in after to seal a quick victory for Tyler.

Match 2: Matt Rogers (Briar) v Chad Howell (Lexi)

Matt starts with a Flicker Wisp fused starting with 2 arcane into a Ball Lightning. Frazzle defends. Then Matt attacks with an Arcanic Shockwave. Chad to 12. Matt with 3 Embodiment of Earth.

Chad attacks with Ball Lightning. No defense and Matt goes to 18. Weave Ice into Chilling Icevein. Matt defends for 5 with a Bramble Spark.

Matt now with Earthlore Surge into a yellow Ball Lightning for a defense of 2 cards. Matt pops Mark of Lightning to deal 2. Then comes in for 2 and 2 with Rosetta Thorn. Chad drops to 8. Matt 16.

Chad draws up and passes to Matt. Matt with 4 cards and an arsenal. He starts with Entwine Lightning into Arcanic Shockwave with go again. Two cards defend. Matt with 2 Embodiment of Earth. Then an Electrify from Matt making Embodiment of Lightning. Then a Singeing Steelblade for a disturbingly good turn. 2 card defense. Rosetta Thorn for 2 and 2 for Matt to pick up the win.

Round 2

Match 1: Kyle Tamayo 1-0 (Lexi) v Rob Cygul 1-0 (Briar)


Red Chilling Icevein to start no fuse from Kyle. Rob to 18. Kyle rocking the New Horizon.

Rob with double Weave Earth into a Vela Flash with go again. Then a 2 and 2 Rosetta Thoron to drop to 6 life.

Kyle gives go again to next attack from Shiver and Lightning Surge. 6 go again for Winter Grasp for 6. 2 card block from Rob. Lightning Surge coming in for 4 with go again. Yellow Chilling Icevein comes in and is blocked. Rob takes 3 down to 14.

Rob draws up and passes.

Kyle with no arsenal comes in with Coat of Frost into Ice Quake red and Chilling Icevein yellow for 7 fused with Winter's Bite. Rob defends for 5 destroys the Frostbite token. 12-6 Rob leads.

Rob gets another frostbite from Lexi. Kyle plays blue Winter's Bite. Rob pitches Weave Lightning to pay the 1. A red Frazzle fused with blue Heaven’s Claws comes at Rob. He defends with one card. Kyle at 6 Rob at 9

Rob attacks for 7 with Evergreen red. New Horizon defends. Kyle to 1 keeping a full hand.

Ball Lightning red from Kyle to start. Blue Heaven’s Claws comes in followed by a Frazzle for 5.

Lightning Surge yellow comes in and Mark of Lightning finishes the job.

Match 2: Dante Delfico 1-0 (Briar) Henry Martinez 1-0 (Briar)

Shock Striker blue to start from Dante. Henry defends with Fulminate.

Henry with a yellow Bramble Spark. Followed by a Shock Striker yellow with one Embodiment of Earth. Dante defends with one card. Rosetta Thorn comes in for 2 and 2. Dante 14 Henry 18

Dante with blue Lightning Surge with go again. Then Autumn's Touch is defended by Stir the Wildwood. 14-15 to Henry

Vela Flash now from Henry. Dante defends with one card. 11-15 Henry

Dante with Earthlore Surge and a Lightning Surge with go again. Henry defends with 1 card. Henry at 9 life. Dante 11.

Bramble Spark into a Ball Lightning then a yellow Shock Striker, defended with a Sigil of Suffering. 9 health each.

Dante with the Break Ground from arsenal for 6. Henry with a powerful hand, could take damage and go for lethal. Defends for 3 with Singeing Steelblade. 8-4 to Dante

Entwine Lightning fused with Ball Lightning comes in from Henry for 4. Arcanic Shockwave is next. 7-4 Dante.

Bramble Spark then Ball Lightning. Mark of Lightning threatens lethal for Dante. Dante wins a tight one.

Round 3

Match 1: Timothy Bunn 2-0 (Briar) v Brendan Patrick 2-0 (Briar)

Inspire Lightning from Brendan and an Arsenal Pass. 17-20

Earthlore Surge red from Tim into Sow Tomorrow. Making an Embodiment of Lightning. 12 attack Autumn's Touch go again coming in. 3 cards from Brendan to defend.

Brendan starts with blue Electrify from arsenal into yellow Heavens Claws. 2 Embodiments of Earth for Brendan as Tim takes it. 12-11 to Tim.

Another Sow Tomorrow from Tim into red Ball Lightning. Defended. Then a Rosetta Thorn.

Brendan starts with Cracker Jax into a 4 attack Ball Lightning. Tim takes 5 dropping to 9 health and then a Lightning Surge follows. Brendan with 2 Embodiment of Earth now.

Bramble Spark from Tim into an Arcanite Shockwave red. A Rosetta Thorn follows and it's 5-6 to Brendan.

Brendan comes in with just the Rosetta Thorn. 1 card defends it cleanly.

Weave Earth into Burgeoning from arsenal and its 5-3 to Tim.

Red Earthlore Surge from Brendan into red Stir the Wildwood for 10 threatens Tims 5 life. Tim defends with 2 red Sigil of Suffering dealing 2 arcane putting Brendan to 1.

Rites of Replenishment for 6 comes in from Tim. Brendan defends with 2 cards and survives.

A THIRD Sigil of Suffering comes down for Tim and deals the final point to Brendan!

Match 2: Saint Hung 2-0 (Briar) v William Bradshaw 2-0 (Briar)

chilling icevein full art.jpg

Saint with Invigorate into Electrify from arsenal drawing a card followed by a Vela Flash with go again.

Saint blocks with a Sigil of Suffering dealing 1. Entwine Lightning fused follows with Electrify trigger still live. Saint uses his last two cards to defend. The Rosetta Thorn comes in for 2 and 2.

William 11 Saint 13

Saint draws and passes.

William comes in with Bramble Spark fused with Earthlore Surge, plays the Earthlore Surge into a Vela Flash representing 10 physical and 1 arcane. A lot to think about for Saint. He drops to 4 life.

Saint attacks with Break Ground into William’s 2 Embodiments of Earth. Will defends with 2 cards.

William on 11 life and 2 cards comes in with Singeing Steelblade. Saint goes to 3 off the arcane ping. 11-3

Saint starts with Stir the Wildwood yellow. William takes it, keeps 4 cards and drops to 7.

William starts with Weave Lightning into a fused Rites of Lightning with an attack threatening lethal. A Sigil of Suffering defends for 4 and pings for 1 as Saint goes to 1. Rosetta Thorn comes in and it is defended. Saint hangs in there.

Saint with a rejuvenate goes to 4 life and draws up.

A bit of back and forth and Saint survives another. Saint comes in with Ball Lightning. Autumns Touch keeps the pressure on. 3-2 and Saint leads.

William plays Electrify from arsenal. He draws a Lightning Surge. Rosetta Thorn gets blocked by Singeing Steelblade.

Saint with a Ball Lightning to start. And another one. Both defended and Saint draws up.

William with Flicker Wisp and that’s enough to seal it! William wins.

Round 4

Peter Buddensiek 3-0 (Oldhim) v Eric Wainright 3-0 (Briar)

Yellow Flash into red Shock Striker with go again from Eric.winters bit and fused Biting Gale comes down for the tough choice. Eric pitches 2 to pay for the Biting Gale.

A yellow Autumn's Touch from Eric. Peter blocks with 2 cards including a foil Endless Winter.

Peter now with a red Icy Encounter for 6. Eric comes back with a red Flash into a yellow Arcanite Shockwave. A red entangle defends. 17-20 to Eric

Eric starts with a fused red Bramble park. Then a blue Earthlore Surge making lightning embodiment. A red heavens claws for 10. Peter defends with 2 cards, pitches for one of each of Oldhims ability. Rosetta Thorn comes through and its 10-20 to Eric.

A red Entwine Earth for Eric for 6 comes in. Peter defends with 2 cards. Eric arsenal and draws.

A fused Entwine Earth for 8 from Peter. Fusing Tome of Harvests. Eric takes it goes to 12.

Eric doubles fuses Fulminate. Lightning Surge for 6 with go again. 2 cards defend. Oldhims ability sends a card to the top of Erics deck. He adds Shock Striker to the mix. Peter takes 4 and defends with 1 card and the buckler. 6 plays 12 to Eric.

Bramble Spark yellow from Eric into a red Burgeoning which is defended with 3 cards by Peter.

Evergreen blue from arsenal. Eric takes the 5 and comes back with a red Invigorate into a fused Rites of Lightning. Two cards defend from peter. Weave lighting and Heavens Claws comes in for 8. Peter defends with 2 cards but it isn't enough. Eric wins.

Round 5

After a quick lunch break we’re back.

Brandon Zimmerman 4-0 (Briar) v Caleb van Patten 4-0 (Briar)

Some big hits starts the show from Brandon. Caleb comes back with Entwine Lightning into a fused Stir the Wildwood for 7. He takes it and it’s 11-17 to caleb.

Bramble Spark from Brandon into a red Ball Lightning. Lightning Surge for 4 go again and a Rosetta Thorn for 2 and 2 to finish the turn. 11-9

Red Singeing Steelblade form Caleb Brandon defends with with 2.

Brandon strikes back with Autumn’s Touch defended by two cards.

Caleb with a red Evergreen defended by one card and a Sigil of Suffering. Then comes back with a yellow Singeing Steelblade attack. Runaways is popped by Caleb to defend 1 damage saving a card from hand.

Caleb with a fused red Entwine Lightning. Yellow fused Vela Flash is next. 1 card from Brandon defends each attack. Weave Lightning yellow sees yellow Autumns Touch come in for 6. (off 2 resources)

Caleb with a Sting of Sorcery into a yellow Ball Lightning making life totals 3-4 to Caleb. Bramble Spark into a Lightning Surge is lethal. Caleb wins!

Match 2: Paul Fortin 4-0 (Oldhim) v Ed Bracamontes 4-0 (Oldhim)

Paul starts off with an Evergreen for his first attack. Ed defends with Thump falling to

A fused yellow Strength of Sequoia comes in and starts of a massive turn sees 16-17 to Ed.

Ed comes back with a red Thump to start the turn for 9 dominate. Paul defends and falls to 10.

Stir the Wildwood fused comes in for 6 from Paul. 10-10

Sow Tomorrow puts a card on bottom. Yellow Icy Encounter comes in for 5 meets a defense of two cards from Paul.

Red Burgeoning now from Paul and an arsenal card added to end his turn.

Ed comes in with a Polar Blast yellow into a fused yellow Mulch. Paul defends with a card and a Sigil of Solace. 10-5 to Paul.

Yellow Arcanic Shockwave from Paul meet s block from Buckler and a card.

Ed comes in with a red Evergreen for 7 which is defended with 2 cards.

Paul tucks a card away with Deep Blue and starts off with Break Ground. Ed defends with two cards. 9-4 Paul

A Burgeoning from arsenal by Ed is defended by 1 card.

Paul fuses Bramble Spark and follows with a Ball Lightning. Ed defends with two cards and Mark of Lightning pops as well as Amulet of Earth to seal the deal. Paul wins!

Round 6

Steven Politowski 5-0 (Briar) v Caleb van Patten 5-0 (Briar)


Caleb starts with a yellow Ball Lightning followed by a red Shock Striker. Steven takes 7. Caleb gets two earth embodiments. 12-20 Caleb

Steven comes in with a blue Bramble Spark and a red Singeing Steelblade which is defended with a blue Bramble Spark.

Caleb attacks with a blue Break Ground from arsenal defended with one card. Tseven is down to 10.

Steven starts with an Earthlore Surge giving the next attack +5 and passes.

Caleb plays a yellow Electrify from hand into a fused red Entwine Lightning. Steven defends with two cards. A blue Weave lighting into a red Ball Lightning follows. Two cards defends the Ball Lightning.

Steven draws and passes.

Caleb attacks with a red Singeing Steelblade which is defended with 2 cards.

Steven strikes back with blue Weave Lightning into a red Lightning Surge for 5. A double defend from Caleb.

Deep Blue is cracked from Caleb and he attacks with a red Evergreen from hand and Steven uses 2 cards to defend. 5-18 to Caleb

Yellow Earthlore Surge into a yellow Vela Flash for 8 from Caleb who has 3 embodiment of Earth just chillin.

Sting of Sorcery is next from Caleb. Yellow Weave Lightning into Lightning Surge from hand. No go again, the embodiment was missed.

Steven attacks with an undefended Rosetta Thorn

Red Entwine Lightning is fused with Lightning Press. Three cards defend. Red burgeoning is next and that seals the deal!

Round 7

We have two 5-1 players battling for a day 2 spot.

Rob Cygul 5-1 (Briar) v Mason Galvan 5-1 (Lexi)

Mason gives Rob a frosty turn 1 Coat of Frost into red Over Flex and a blue Blizzard Bolt fused. 2 frostys for Rob.

Rob plays Bramble Spark red into yellow Weave Earth making an embodiment attacking with a Rosetta Thorn.

Mason attacks with Weave Ice into a blue Winters Grasp. Rob takes it all going to 11.

Rob red Invigorates and fuses a blue Stir the Wildwood with go again. Then Rosetta Thorn comes in. Mason takes it all and goes from 20 to 7.

Mason pops cold foil Cracker Jax, plays red Ball Lightning. Lightning Surge red from arsenal comes in and Mason still has three cards. Rob defends with two cards. Shiver adds a red Frazzle, dominated and it comes in for 5. Rob defends with a card and a Sigil of Suffering from arsenal for a clutch block.

Rob comes back with a yellow Arcanic Shockwave. Mason takes it and its 3-6 to Rob.

Mason starts with Weave Lightning blue fused Chilling Icevein red attacks for 6 with go again. Rob defends with two cards. Mason loads a yellow Frazzle. Frazzle attacks and Rob drops to 2 while Mason’s at 3.

Rob attacks with blue Ball Lightning. Mark of Lightning is cracked and it’s 1 to 2.

Mason attacks with a red Ball Lightning. Embodiment of Earth helps Rob use one card to defend for 3. Mason arsenals and ends.

Robs fuses Inspire Lightning to win an intense battle against Mason.

Round 8 (Draft)

Alec Myers 7-0 (Briar) v Jon Ho 6-1 (Briar)


Jon starts with a red Vela Flash. Amulet of Earth next and then a Rosetta Thorn for the 2 and 2. Alec to 16.

Bramble Spark into red Rites of Lightning from Alec. Jon defends with one card. Rosetta Thorn comes in and makes a third Embodiment of Earth. 16-15 to Alec.

Blue Bramble Spark from Jon followed by a red Ball Lightning. Rosetta Thorn drops Alec to 10.

Alec with a red Weave Lightning into a red Arcanic Shockwave. Lightning Press adds some more. Rosetta Thorn comes in for the 2 and 2. 10-4 to Alec.

Jon attacks with a fused red Stir the Wildwood for 7. Two cards defend for Alec.

Rosetta Thorn comes in for 2 from Alec. Jon defends with 1 card.

Jon plays Weave Earth blue into a yellow Autumn’s Touch. Alec defends with a blue Heaven’s Claws.

Alec plays a red Bramble Spark followed by an Amulet of Lightning. Then a red Ball Lightning followed by another attack to pick up the win!

Match 2 : Paul Fortin (Oldhim)v Caleb van Patten (Oldhim)


Strength of Sequoia fused comes in for Paul. Then we see Titan’s Fist come in. caleb defends well.

Caleb attacks with a fused red Snow Under. Paul defends.

Paul attacked with a dominated pumped red Thump. Caleb takes 9 to the face. 20 plays 11.

Caleb attacks with Glacial Footsteps for 9. Paul takes 6 damage.

Channel Mout Heroic comes down for Paul. Then an Icy Encounter attacks for 9. Caleb defends with three cards.

Coat of Frost comes off for Caleb and he attacks with a red Icy Encounter. Paul goes to 8 and has two Frostys.

Paul attacks with Icy Encounter and Caleb defends with three cards.

Coat of Frost gives Caleb a Frostbite. Cracker Jax breaks and a blue Thump comes in with dominate. 8-9 to Caleb.

Yellow Frost Fang comes in for 4 from Caleb. Paul defends with one card.

Paul attacks with Titan’s Fist. Caleb defends.

Red Emerging Avalanche attacks for Caleb. Winter’s Wail follows. Paul defends.

Paul attacks with his hammer. Caleb defends. 8-7 to Caleb.

Paul plays yellow Ice Quake into Winter’s Grasp. Paul defends with 2 cards.

Paul draws and passes.

Caleb plays Sow Tomorrow from arsenal putting Glacial Footsteps on the bottom of his deck. Then comes in with Winter’s Wail pitching an Ice card. Caleb arsenals and draws.

Paul attacks with an Evergreen and Caleb defends with one card.

Caleb attacks with a red Glacial Footsteps. Paul defends.

Caleb comes in with Winter’s Wail, it's defended.

Paul plays Sow Tomorrow for Earthlore Surge. Then a Strength of Sequoia and a Titan’s Fist. Caleb to 2.

Caleb attacks with a dominated Glacial Footsteps. It’s defended with one card and Oldhim’s ability prevents 2. Paul to 1 Caleb at 2.

Paul pumps Evergreen with Strength of Sequoia. Caleb defends with three cards.

Caleb attacks with Winter’s Wail. Paul defends it. 1-1 at this point.

Paul attacks with Titan’s Fist. Caleb defends.

Caleb attacks with a red Snow Under. Paul defends.

Paul attacks with Evergreen. Caleb defends.

Caleb attacks with yellow Icy Encounter. Paul defends with 2 cards.

Caleb attacks with the Winter’s Wail to a defenseless Paul and wins!

Round 9 (Draft)

Match 1: Drayton Ganz 7-1 (Lexi) v Jeromy Tasi 7-1 (Lexi)


Jeromy fuses a red Blizzard Bolt. Drayton takes 2 and gain a Frostbite. Activates Shiver and destroys Frostbite.

Drayton attacks with a blue Ball Lightning then a fused red Dazzling Crescendo follows. Drayton Shivers a Frazzle into arsenal then into the arena for 6. Jeromy takes it. 18-12 to Drayton.

Jeromy with the yellow Chilling Icevein. Drayton defends with one card.

Shock Striker comes in from Drayton. Jeromy defends with a card. Shiver loads a Frazzle and in it comes for 6. Jeromy fully defends with 2 cards.

Drayton activates Hooning Hood. Shock Striker yellow comes in for 4 with go again from Lexi. Jeromy takes 4. Dazzling Crescendo fused comes through, revealing Shock Striker yellow. 17-3 Frost Fang yellow comes in and Jeromy defends with 2 cards.

Red Over Flex comes in for Jeromy. Chilling Icevein ith +1 attacking for 10. Drayton takes it.

Drayton plays Weave Ice into Electrify into a dominated Chilling Icevein for 7 to get the job done.

Match 2: Alec Myers 8-0 (Briar)v Steven Wooley 8-0 (Briar)


Alec starts with Singeing Steelblade and Steven defends.

Steven starts with Earthlore Surge yellow into a red Entwine Lightning. Alec has one Embodiment of Earth and defends with three cards. Steven arsenals and draws.

Alec attacks with Arcanic Shockwave fused. Steven defends with a Singeing Steelblade.

Steven comes in with a yellow Weave Earth and Burgeoning from arsenal. Alec defends with 2 cards. 17 health each.

Yellow Lightning Surge attacks with go again from Alec. Steven takes it. Alec follows with an Entwine Lightning fused with a Heaven’s Claws. Steven defends with a Vela Flash. Alec adds Rosetta Thorn to the chain. 17-12 to Alec

Steven with Electrify from arsenal. Yellow Arcanic Shockwave is next, non fused. Sutcliffe’s Suede Hides come off and Steven sends in the 2 and 2 Rosetta Thorn. 12 each. He arsenals and draws.

Alec with Bramble Spark and Arcanic Shockwave fused to a Lightning Press. Alec uses his Suede Hides after pitching the Lightning Press and the Shockwave is defended by Steven’s Sigil of Suffering. 11-6 to Alec

Steven plays Fulminate fusing the Earth side. Then a red Singeing Steelblade attacks for 7. Alec has 2 Embodiment of Earth tokens and 4 cards. Alec defends it all.

Alec attacks with Arcanic Shockwave, fused. Steven defends.

Steven attacks with a yellow Autumn's Touch, Alec to 4. Steven 5.

Weave Lightning from Alex into a fused blue Arcanic Shockwave. Steven defends with two cards. Steven laughs and smiles through his mask as he accepts the seemingly inevitable. Alec with Rites of Lightning, revealing Flash. Steven defends but doesn’t have enough. Alec gets there!

Round 10 (Draft)

Alec Myers 9-0 (Briar) v Caleb van Patten 8-1 (Oldhim)

heavns claws full art.jpg

Alec with double Bramble Spark into Arcanic Shockwave followed up with a Rosetta Thorn.

Caleb with the yellow Snow Under. Alec has two Embodiment of Earth and defends with two cards.

Alec with a yellow Singeing Steelblade. Caleb defends with one card.

Yellow Winter’s Bite from Caleb and Alec pitches. Caleb pops Coat of Frost and gives a Frostbite then attacks with a yellow Snow Under. 14-15 caleb

Alec attacks with a fused Rites of Lightning. Caleb takes it and defends the incoming Ball Lightning.

Caleb with a red fused Snow Under. Alec defends and receives a Frostbite.

Alec plays a Flash and then a yellow Arcanic Shockwave. Then a 2 and 2 Rosetta Thorn. 10 health each.

Caleb attacks with red Winter’s Grasp. Alec defends with 1 card going to 6.

Alec with Flash into blue Singeing Steelblade with go again. Then Rosetta Thorn comes in. 6-7 to Caleb.

Caleb attacks with a blue Polar Blast from arsenal. Icy Encounter red follows. Alec defends heavily.

Alec with the Rosetta Thorn attack for his turn.

Caleb with Chill to the Bone yellow into a yellow Snow Under threatening a lot of Frostbites. Lec defends with two cards.

Alec attacks with a fused Arcanic Shockwave. Caleb plays Biting Gales from arsenal defending for 4. 6 health each.

Caleb attacks with an iced up Winter’s Wail. Alec takes it, goes to 2 and gets a Frostbite.

Alec starts with Arcanic Shockwave fusing with a Weave Lightning. Caleb defends with 2 cards. Alec plays Rejuvenate at instant speed. 4-5 to Caleb.

Caleb with yellow Polar Blast and a Winter’s Wail. Alec defends with one card.

Alec attacks with Rosetta Thorn caleb pitches Ice and Earth in the reaction step. Then comes back with the Winter’s Wail. 2-4 to Caleb.

Alec with red Bramble Spark into blue Lightning Surge. Caleb defends well and Alec’s Suede Hides come off.

Caleb attacks with a frosty Winter’s Wail Alec defends for 3 and goes to 1 health.

Alec plays an Amulet of Lightning and comes in with Rosetta Thorn. Caleb defends.

Caleb fuses a blue Galcial footsteps for 8 dominate and the game!