The Calling Auckland Primer - June 2021

31st May 2021

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  • The Calling - Auckland is being held at the Aotea Center in the Hunua Rooms (Level 1). 
  • Paid car parking is available at the venue. The Civic car park is located underneath the Aotea Centre. Please check here for details:

Food and Drinks

  • Please note that food and/or drinks (except for water bottles) are not permitted within the Aotea Center. Players may consume food outside the venue on public property.
  • Alcohol and illegal substances are strictly prohibited. Anyone found with these, or under the influence of these, will be asked to leave the venue and barred from returning. 
  • There is no lunch break planned for the event.

Payment options

  • Entry fees for events are cash only. ATMs are available within a 5 minute walk.
  • Second Chance Sealed is $40 and ProQuest is $35.


  • Players and observers are not permitted to connect any electronic devices to any power sockets at the venue. This includes mobile phone and laptop chargers.

Tournament etiquette

  • All players are expected to act in accordance with the Tournament Rules and Policy document.
  • Players will be expected to use their own dice/accessories at the event. Life totals should be kept with a pen and paper.
  • Tokens (such as Heroes, Weapons, Soul Shackle, Spectral Shield etc) will be provided at the event if you do not open these in your Sealed Pool.
  • We recommend that players do not congregate in the play area during rounds once their match has finished. If you are watching a game, please be respectful of other players still completing their games (ie be mindful of the fact players are concentrating and any level of noise may be distracting). 
  • Pairings for this event will be done Online. Pairings for each round will be viewable through your account, so there is no need to crowd around the pairing boards each round. Traditional paper pairings will still be available.