Calling AKL - Policy Update Trial

27th Jan 2021 Legend Story Studios

The Calling Auckland weekend, scheduled to run January 29-31, will trial a new end of match procedure and policy regarding concessions. Following the Calling weekend, if these changes are seen to enhance tournament play, they may become adopted into the Flesh and Blood Tournament Policy and Penalty Guidelines.

End of Match Procedure for the Calling Auckland Weekend

When time is called in the round and a winner of the current game is yet to be determined, the turn player completes their turn. At the conclusion of that turn, if the winner of the game has not been determined, the game is a draw.

Please note, the top 8 rounds of the Calling main event and PTI Qualifier have no time limit.


  1. If a player concedes their match at any point after presenting their deck, they will be dropped from the tournament, unless the Head Judge or Tournament Organizer decides otherwise. For example, the player will not be dropped if there is an emergency they must attend to, which requires them to concede their match, but it’s possible they may return to the tournament in a later round.
  2. If a player asks for a concession at any point in a match after both players have presented their decks, that player will receive a match loss for their next round. This penalty may be upgraded or downgraded at the discretion of the Head Judge.

Head Judge as First Responder

It is preferable that a floor Judge is the first responder to all judge calls, with the Head Judge stepping in when a ruling is appealed. However, it is sometimes the case that the Head Judge will be the first responder to a judge call if another judge is not available or close by.

When the Head Judge is the first responder, the player may request a second opinion from another Judge before the Head Judge's ruling becomes final. In this instance, regardless of whether the Head Judge adjusts their initial ruling, the Head Judge will make the final decision on how the ruling will be applied.