Announcing European and Canadian Distribution

6th Oct 2020 Legend Story Studios

Legend Story Studios is proud to announce that Flesh and Blood, the fantasy TCG that has players equipping their hero for full powered combat from the first turn, is now available through industry leading distribution partners across Europe, through ADC Blackfire Entertainment, Asmodee UK, Asmodee Nordics, Asmodee Netherlands, and Canada through Prince Wholesalers.

“We are proud to partner with world class distributors, ADC Blackfire, the Asmodee group, and Prince Wholesalers, to bring Flesh and Blood to TCG fans across Europe and Canada.” said James White, Founder and CEO of Legend Story Studios. “We have been inundated with fan requests asking when Flesh and Blood will officially come to Europe and Canada. The answer is November 6, and thank you for your patience!”

Local game stores who are quick to act, can look forward to receiving a complimentary Retailer Appreciation Kit with their first order, containing the highly coveted 134 page World Guide Vol 1: Welcome to Rathe, along with 24 Ira, Crimson Haze Welcome Decks, a Welcome Event Kit, and a Release Event Kit.

“The Retailer Appreciation Kit is our way of acknowledging the importance of local game stores as the place that gamers come together as a community. Our mission is to bring people together in the flesh and blood through the common language of playing great games. It’s the hard work of LGS owners and staff across the world that make this possible.”

The release of Welcome to Rathe Unlimited will mark the launch into Europe and Canada, and is available to pre-order now from all official distributors.

Welcome to Rathe Unlimited is the reprint of the first Flesh and Blood set which is currently sold out worldwide. Welcome to Rathe Unlimited is a standalone booster set containing 226 cards, and is designed to support booster draft and sealed deck formats. It will be available in local game stores across the world November 6.